Proof that Democrats Hate the Elderly

Please bear with me.  I am going to lay out some important facts before I pull them altogether to show why Democrats hate the elderly.

Let’s first be clear.  No Republican voted for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010.  There are parts of the act that they not only favored but even proposed in prior years.  However, as a whole, those Republicans in the voting well of the house and Senate thought the law to be bad.   A poorly written and assembled law.  It was put together hastily for a vote before a Senate filibuster could take place.

Democrats Hate the Elderly – Fact 1

They moved money out of Medicare to pay for the Act.  Not just some money but $716 Billion dollars of it over 10 years.  The theory is that enough waste will be reduced as well as efficiencies created that will save some of that money.  The other part of the theory is to reduce payments to providers.

Who are the providers?  That would be hospitals and doctors.  Today an elderly patient goes to the doctor for some cure.  The doctor provides the service and Medicare pays the doctor.  Usually this amount is less than what insurance providers would pay but some doctors like it because it does provide a consistent cash flow if they have enough patients.

Let’s skip forward a year into 2014 when the full force of Obamacare is in effect.  The same doctor provides the same service but is now paid less.  That doctor is paid less not because of any efficiencies gained in their practice.  They are not paid less because they spend less time with the patient.  They are paid less because …..well….congress said it is so.

Doctors just have to take it.  They have no recourse……oh wait, yes they do.  They can stop or limit the number of Medicare patients they see.  There is no provision that doctors have to see Medicare patients.  Doctors know this.

Democrats Hate the Elderly – Fact 2

There were no provisions in the Affordable Care Act to increase the number of doctors.  There were no inducements for doctors to get into the profession.  Not only will there be no MORE doctors to handle an increase in insurance population, there very well could be LESS doctors.  Many doctors are nearing retirement age and are threatening to retire early so they don’t have to deal with the ACA.

Democrats Hate the Elderly – Fact 3

The Act mandates that preventative care services be included with new policies starting in 2014.  This is one of those things that I don’t like the idea that the mandate is forced upon the insurance carriers to provide that coverage but I do understand that preventative care can greatly reduce the cost of a persons’ overall health care coverage.  Think in terms of how much money can be saved on treatments when cancer is found early.

Democrats Hate the Elderly – Fact 4

Look at the words of the ACA as long as you want but you will find NO mention of tort reform.  Malpractice insurance will continue to rise.  The cost of malpractice insurance ranges widely from specialty to specialty and from state to state.  No matter how a doctor factors it, malpractice insurance is expensive.  It has been expensive….it will be expensive.  It has driven doctors out of the profession… it will continue to drive doctors out of the profession.


  • We have the following facts and effects of the ACA:
  • Reduction of Medicare patients
  • More patients in the medical system
  • Those patients have increased coverage of preventative care
  • Fewer doctors
  • Ever increasing costs for medical doctors malpractice insurance


So we have fewer doctors examining more patients.  We have those patients demanding more care in the form of preventative check-ups.  The doctors that are left in the system to care for patients are being squeezed in at least a couple directions…they will be paying more for malpractice insurance while getting less money from Medicare.

Put yourself in the doctors’ place.  Do the math.  Would you see more, the same or fewer Medicare patients?  By necessity and not even greed, the doctors of tomorrow will have less appointment times for the elderly.  The only way the elderly will be able to get good health care is if they buy insurance like those under the Medicare age.  Somehow this does not seem affordable.


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    • Comment by Andre:

      The old way was done when ailments that could not be svelod by primary doctors lead to death. If you had cancer, you had a death sentence. Now, there are expensive drug therapies, expensive surgeries and expensive tests. With catastrophic coverage, you may not have the coverage to get the expensive test because you will not pay over $1000 dollars or your insurance does not cover for a MRI that help detect the life threatening condition. Even with catastrophic coverage, it must be universal to avoid the problem of adverse selection where those who need coverage is priced out because the necessary price to cover those are sick in the pool now but rich enough to pay for it is too high for those who need it.Where in the law is high deductible insurance, catastrophic insurance, illegal or unlawful? The government may set the standard but nothing in the bill make high deductible insurance illegal.

  2. Comment by RoseAnne Shaw:

    I have been told that seniors age 72 and above will be denied cancer treatments. My doctor also told me that if I didn’t get my hip replacement this year I would not be able to get it at all under Obama Care. My husband who is 84 was denied a heart catherization last year because of his age and recent cuts to medicare as a result of OBAMA CARE.

    • Comment by jpohl:

      The thing about cancer treatments is false. Of course that is pending any reversal or decision of the “Death Panel”, however, at this time the cancer treatments are not affected. However as you indicated, some procedures will be but back. My father-in-law recently had a glaucoma surgery that I heard will not be covered after Jan. 1. Goo luck to you Miss Shaw on your hop replacement.

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